Barrier masks UNS 1 filtration > 90% - Use and performance

Do you need a mask made of UNS 1 filtration category > 90%? Discover our special COVID19 protective equipment for non caring personnel.
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Category 1 "UNS 1" and Category 2 "UNS 2" barrier masks

The UNS 1 masks for the general public with filtration > 90% are suitable for professionals in direct and regular contact with the public. They can therefore be worn by people who need to continue working in a context of possible exposure to COVID19 : cashier hosts and hostesses, delivery personnel, postal or law enforcement agents, traders of basic necessities, etc. They are also worn in the presence of people wearing masks of another category (surgical mask, FFP2 or UNS 1).

The instructions for use must be read carefully before handling the UNS 1 filtration > 90% barrier masks. They must be kept for the entire duration of use of the masks.

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Context of use of consumer masks of category 1 filtration > 90% filtration

These masks are designed to protect against the projection of contaminated droplets. They are suitable for protection against COVID19. They are however reserved for Non-Sanitary Use (UNS1) in a professional context.

The health crisis linked to VIDOC19 has led to the implementation of certain measures such as the national containment in force since 17 March 2020, the reorganisation of work and barrier gestures. The use of UNS 1 filtration masks > 90% is part of the application of these safety measures.

Look out! Category 1 "UNS 1" barrier masks do not provide adequate protection for healthcare workers in contact with patients with IDVOC19.

This equipment is not considered a medical device within the meaning of EU Regulation 2017/745, also known as "surgical masks". UNS 1 filtration > 90% masks should also not be confused with personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation EU/2016/425, known as "FFP2 type filter masks".

Performance of Non-Sanitary Barrier Masks

The protocols for testing the effectiveness of masks are described in detail in the document dated 29 March 2020 published by the DGA.

Performance of the consumer mask filtration >90% "UNS 1".

The performance criteria for UNS 1 masks are as follows.

Filtration capacity :
particle filtration efficiency of 3 μm greater than 90%.

Breathability :
superior air permeability test 96 L.m2.S-1 for a vacuum of 100 Pa

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Wearing a protective mask must not call into question the barrier gestures recommended by the health authorities. You must continue to :
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution if you are away from home.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Cough into your elbow.
  • Observe the social safety distance of 1 meter.
  • Salute without shaking hands, avoid hugs.
Terms and conditions of use

The briefing note of the Ministry of Health, Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Labour dated 29 March 2020, updated on 28 January 2021, announced the use of only UNS1 masks, a consumer mask with filtration higher than 90%. This decision was taken in the context of the health crisis caused by the appearance of new COVID19 variants.

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UNS 1 filtration masks with a filtration rate higher than 90% are manufactured by MASQUES-TISSUS.COM according to the directives of the Guide to minimum requirements, test methods, manufacturing and use published on 27 March 2020 by AFNOR SPEC S76-001.

The DGA or Directorate General for Armament has tested the masks manufactured by MASQUES-TISSUS.COM. To do so, it followed the test protocol described in the DGA document dated 25 March 2020.

MASQUES-TISSUS.COM's UNS 1 consumer masks are not medical devices such as surgical masks. Nor are they FFP2 masks.

UNS 1 filtration > 90% should only be used under the conditions described earlier in this manual. They are intended for use in special contexts and for non-ill persons who do not show clinical signs of viral infection. These masks are not intended for professionals who are in direct contact with people who have tested positive for VIDOC19 or who present symptoms of this infection.

Limited protection against the risk in question is claimed and only this one.

If the user does not respect the strict instructions for use and maintenance described in this manual, MASQUES-TISSUS.COM cannot be held responsible.