Cloth masks :
our mission, our values aims to assist professionals in their purchasing strategy, by providing individual equipment solutions for the protection of people (health institutions, companies, administration, communities, associations, ...).
Our products
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We are working to promote and enhance the value of washable and reusable protective equipment, and we attach great importance to new textile innovations that will also be the protection of the future. Our expertise covers design, manufacturing and an online sales service that makes your purchases easier.

Our offer is based on a thorough consideration of the needs of our customers who have chosen our products and services. It includes washable and reusable category 1 and 2 masks, personalized adult and child size masks and fabric over-blouses. We also sell various disposable PPE such as gloves, overalls, over-shoes, ...

Core Values
Quality, fair price & ecology
  • The quality
    Customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to offer high quality certified products that you will use with confidence and we pay special attention to the selection of the best materials. To maintain this distinctive quality and the sense of a job well done, we have chosen to be present every step of the way from product to customer delivery and have invested in high-performance fabrics at the cutting edge of technology. We have therefore developed our own line of washable Personal Protective Equipment such as our masks, which offer filtration performance equal to or better than disposable masks.
  • The right price
    The purchase price is a necessary precondition for the financial equilibrium of your structure. We are convinced that in order to best satisfy and serve the needs expressed by our customers in terms of cost control, we must strive to offer, at the best price, products that provide all the guarantees of quality and reliability.
  • Ecology
    Our ecological commitment is based on a thorough consideration of the environment and the economy of resources that fully meets current expectations and encourages good practices. We have extensive experience in washable and sustainable textiles and only work with quality fabrics certified by Oeko Tex. We are committed to offering products that enable our customers to integrate a responsible approach into their purchasing policy. This is why our fabric masks are washable and reusable up to 20 or 50 times, depending on the model. They keep their promise in terms of protection, contribute to waste reduction and provide breathable, soft and very comfortable materials.
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We benefit from a competent team that offers you its technical expertise and a range of personalised services. Questions and "product" technical assistance, normative information, real time follow-up of your orders, ... Ask us via our technical and commercial support. We are at your service to give you all the answers.